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Biomaterials to


push the boundaries of dermatology


Raising the Bar
in Aesthetic

From Groundbreaking Science to Medical Device

Advances in biopolymer materials have revolutionized aesthetic medicine, and turned unimaginable procedures into real possibilities. Here at Bioxis, our proprietary technology is based on chitosan and hyaluronic acid; addressing significant, unmet medical needs in the aesthetic dermatology market. That’s why our new products are in such high demand.



Monophasic Tissular Inductor for Aesthetic Dermatology


The First Monophasic Tissular Inductor Able to Regenerate Neo-Tissues and Collagen


Monophasic Hyaluronic Acid to Reduce the Signs of Aging

With a Double-Level Molecular Organization that Provides Elevated Rheological Performance, Long-Lasting Effect and Safety